Dahlgren Facilities

The NABSD Facilities office (nabsdfacilities@usna.edu) is located on the second deck of Dahlgren Hall.  Within Dahlgren Hall, there are multiple spaces that are managed through this team, including the following:

Class of ’53 Area

Assembly Hall:  The Assembly Hall (first deck) is available for general use by Midshipmen on a scheduled basis.  The Assembly Hall floor may also be sub-divided into smaller spaces to accommodate concurrent activities or events.  In addition, it may be offered to other non-Midshipmen groups on a not to interfere basis.  In all cases, though, Midshipmen activities have priority use of the floor. Children under the age of 12 must be under adult supervision at all times.

Class of ’53 Reception Area:  The Class of ’53 Reception Area (landward side, second deck) is a designated ceremonial area not for use by the general public.  This reception area is used primarily for events and ceremonies of a formal and semi-formal nature.  Requests for food and beverage service in the Class of ’53 Reception Area must be approved through the NABSD Facilities office.

Fremd Room:  The Fremd Room (second deck, landward side, left corner) is a designated formal room specifically used by the Brigade Honor Staff, the Character Development Officer, and NABSD.  The Fremd Room is not normally available for use as a meeting area; however, the room may be scheduled for special events on a not-to-interfere basis.

Food and Beverage Service in Dahlgren Hall:  NABSD, through its retail dining business units, provides catering (catering@usna.edu, drydock@usna.edu)  services to the Naval Academy as well as organizations and individuals authorized to use Naval Academy facilities for catered functions.

Requesting use of Dahlgren Hall spaces:

Please visit the Schedules & Events section of the USNA intranet page to determine venue availability across the Yard, and to place reservation requests.

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Midshipmen Activity Center

Midshipmen Activities Center (MAC):  This area is for Midshipmen use exclusively.

Please contact the Commandant OPS Scheduling Officer, skeds@usna.edu, Ms. Edie LaReau, lareau@usna.edu, 410-293-7127 to place a reservation request for this space.  Once approved, please contact NABSD Facilities, nabsdfacilities@usna.edu, for access to this space.


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