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Yard Card Acount Manager

Click this image to make an Online Deposit, to Self-Register (cardholders only) or Manage your Yard Card Account. Parents need your Midshipman’s Alpha and do not need to Self-Register.


The Yard Card serves as a reloadable debit/gift card that works like cash to be used for purchases at participating locations throughout the Naval Academy Yard including retail store locations, coffee bar and dining locations, Bancroft Hall vending machines, textbooks, and more!

Once funded, the Yard Card works as a flexible spending account that can be used for purchases – without needing a credit card or cash.

You may add funds to your account safely and securely online by visiting the Yard Card Online Account Manager.  You can add funds at any time for any amount. You can also add funds to your Yard Card at the Cash Office, located next to the Navy Federal Credit Union and at the Yard Card PHiL machines on the basement levels of the 4th, 5th and 7th Wings of Bancroft Hall.  Once funded, the account balance will decline with each purchase you make.

With the Yard Card, there is no credit card interest or charges, no chance of overdrawing the account, and no need to carry cash around the Yard.

100% for the Brigade

Most importantly, proceeds from the above activities are returned to the Brigade of Midshipmen in the form of funding for the Midshipmen Welfare Fund!


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