The Naval Academy Business Services Division Midshipmen Computer Repair Center (MCRC) is a resource for Midshipmen experiencing problems with their issued computers.

Myth: I do not have to back up my files because the MCRC is responsible for saving my data before any repairs are made.
Fact: The MCRC will assist in data recovery and instruct on methods of data backup. It is your responsibility to ensure that your data is backed up.

Myth: The MCRC can recover all my lost data if my hard drive crashes.
Fact: To put it bluntly, hard disk crashes are not good. If you can hear your hard drive, the BIOS states no device found, or the DELL diagnostics claims a hard drive failure, the chances of data recovery are slim. The MCRC does not have the resources to perform a full data recovery on broken hardware.

Myth: The MCRC is responsible for turning off my port.
Fact: The MCRC does not have the ability to enable or disable ports, this is done by Network Security. Ports are disabled for several reasons, not logging in correctly, non approved software, virus, etc.

Myth: If I get a virus the MCRC reloads my machine for the fun of it.
Fact: If your port is disabled because you have a virus, the MCRC is required to reload your PC by the Academy to ensure that the virus is gone. You port will not be enabled until this is completed. All data currently on your hard drive will be gone, it is your responsibility to backup any data you wish to save.

Myth: It will take days or weeks for my computer to be repaired.
Fact: In most cases, your computer will be ready for pickup in 2-4 hours. You will receive an email when your computer is ready to be picked up. You may check your email from any of the thousands of computers online here at the Academy.

Myth: The MCRC is open on the weekends.
Fact: The MCRC is not open on the weekends. Hours are M-F 0730 – 1600. There should be a MISLO available on the weekend.

Myth: The MCRC monitors all IM traffic.
Fact: The MCRC does not have the manpower, ability or desire to accomplish this task (Mids generate a lot of traffic). The MCRC is not the maintainer of the network.

Myth: The MCRC can tell when you are up after midnight.
Fact: The MCRC does not track what you do on your computer. We just fix the problems you may have with them.