July / August / September 2018 Volumes 7 - 9 ACCENTS Naval Academy Club • Annapolis, Maryland Membership is open to all Active Duty, Reserve and Retired Officers, Faculty, Enlisted E-7 - E-9, DoD Civilians GS-7 and above, USNAAlumni, Midshipman Parents, Midshipman Sponsors and NAGA Members. W elcome Plebe families! We are thrilled to have you as parts of the Naval Academy family! You are in for a whirlwind over these next four years, but what a rewarding journey it will be! Plebe summer will be over before you know it, so get ready for the great events we have planned for Plebe Parents Weekend! I would also like to extend a warm welcome to all of the new midshipmen sponsors! You will play a vital role in your midshipmen’s lives during their time here, and we hope to be a part of your celebrations! We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the midshipmen families during Commissioning Week, and we would like to wish the Class of 2018 the best on their endeavors! We are now into our slower season, but I’m only referring to the traffic! The Club is growing in so many directions, and it is truly a wonderful time to be here! We have numerous events planned for the summer, and we hope you will join us at one of our Club Socials or our famous Mongolian BBQ. Football season is creeping up, so be sure to join us at one of our Sunday brunches! The kitchen does an amazing job, and you’ll definitely want to try the grits! We can take reservations one month in advance. Keep that in mind for 2/C Parents Weekend! Lastly I would like to address the access issue. Unfortunately our access team is short staffed, and we are experiencing much longer turnaround times than usual. We are acutely aware of this issue and would like to express a sincere apology for the inconvenience. We are constantly working to be better, and we appreciate your patronage. All my best, Brooke Morgan, Membership & Marketing Coordinator 410-293-2633 / / MEMBERSHIP NEWS JULY • Wednesday 4th: Closed – INDEPENDENCE DAY • Tuesday 10th: Club Social • Tuesday 24th: Club Social AUGUST • Thursday 9th: Dinner Buffet – Plebe Parent Weekend • Friday 10th: Dinner Buffet – Plebe Parent Weekend • Sunday 12th: Brunch – Seatings at 1000 &1300 / Plebe Parent Weekend • Tuesday 14th: Club Social • Wednesday 22nd: MONGOLIAN BBQ • Tuesday 28th: Club Social SEPTEMBER • Monday 3rd: Closed – LABOR DAY • Thursday 6th: Dinner Buffet – 2/C Parent Weekend • Friday 7th: Dinner Buffet – Formal Parade @ 1600 / 2/C Parent Weekend Concert in Mahan @ 1930 • Sunday 9th: Brunch – Seatings at 1000 &1230 / 2/C Parent Weekend / Navy v. Memphis • Tuesday 11th: Club Social • Sunday 16th: Brunch – Seatings at 1000 &1230 / Navy v. Lehigh • Friday 21st: Dinner Buffet – Organ Recital in Main Chapel @ 1930 • Tuesday 25th: Club Social • Friday 28th: Dinner Buffet – Jazz Night in Smoke Hall @ 1830 / Brigade Concert @ TBD Special HHH EVENT DATES Shop the Midshipmen Store Year Round As club members, you are eligible to shop the Midshipmen Store year round. Just show your membership card! You must be an active member with the correct expiration sticker on the back of your card. Also you are eligible for driving access on the Yard. Be sure to watch your email for Midshipmen store updates! H H H MEMBER BENEFITS H H H