Information Technology F.A.Q.’s

Information about common topics and questions:

ADP Home Portal Update

Please visit the site <>. If you haven’t registered with the site, please follow the registration instructions.  When registered, log in to the site and follow the ‘Contact Information Update’ instructions in the top right box of the Home page. Many employees forget to inform HR of any changes to their address, email or telephone number(s).  HR needs updated contact information for all employees.

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How to Order Business Cards

The IT Department is authorized to print ONE type/style of business card. We are recommending a quantity of 100 or less to start.

Order Process:
1. Complete the order form. Typed information is preferred.
2. E-mail the completed form to Frances Jeter (
3. Card will be formatted and the draft sent to you for approval.
4. After receiving approval, the cards will be printed.
5. Cards will be delivered through yard mail, or hand carried to your Department.
6. Managers must provide approval for their employees who require Business Cards.
7. Please allow 2 weeks for processing – if rush is needed let us know and we will try to accommodate.

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How to Self-Register for Athoc (Emergency Notification Account)

To request an account on the USNA’s emergency notification system for issues affecting safety, security and critical operations, staff with USNA email accounts can click here to self-register.

Managers of staff WITHOUT USNA Email should use this link to register staff for athoc  click here to register someone without a USNA account

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How to Add a Logo and Signature to E-mails

If you are a new employee or don’t have a signature line, please follow these instructions to add a signature to your emails – it only takes a few minutes.  Signatures look professional and allow other others to respond to you more quickly, because they don’t have to look up your contact information.

You can find the new logo to add to your signature here:

First, copy the link above to your clipboard (highlight the link above, right click, copy).

Next, go to your USNA GMAIL account.

  • Go to the upper right hand corner and click the menu that looks like a sprocket.
  • Click Settings
  • Tab that says “General”
  • Scroll down to Signature
  • Put mouse at location where you want the image (usually after address or website)
  • Select Insert Image
  • Select Web Address URL
  • Paste the link that you copied in the provided space (right click, paste)
  • Click “Select”
  • Click on the image and change the size to small or medium (when you click on the image you should see size options and the option to remove)
    When finished you have to select “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen (scroll down to see this option)
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Viruses, Malware, Scareware, Add-ins, Plugins, and Toolbars

NABSD IT would like to remind everyone that you should not install any personal software on your DoD computer. Personal software includes any software not required for your job duties, such as weather programs, coupon programs, and Toolbars. While not all of these programs are bad, it only takes one bad program to infect your system and potentially the network.

Many programs contain either viruses, malware or scare-ware. Once they pop-up, even if you click “No” do not install, some install on your system anyway and can takes a long time to remove. More than just being a nuissance, there can be serious security risks.

Anything not “required” for you to perform your duties should not be installed on your work system to avoid malicious items accidently being installed. If NABSD IT finds any unauthorized programs installed, they will be removed!  This also goes for personal devices. Our systems are used to run a Business. No personal devices may be connected to your computer. Not only is it against DoD Policy, it is a security hazard.

If you feel anything removed is required to perform your duties, you will have to submit a request to Frances Jeter ( to have the software reviewed for proper licensing and to make sure it does not pose a security risk to our POS systems or the USNA Network.

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Software available for Staff at Discount

The Microsoft e-Academy software distribution website offers USNA Faculty, Staff, and Midshipmen options to purchase Microsoft software for less than average retail prices through the Maryland Educational Enterprise Consortium (MEEC) Student Select (available to Faculty, Staff, and Midshipmen) and Work-At-Home (available to Faculty and Staff) programs.

Purchases made through this website are strictly between the individual USNA Faculty, Staff, or Midshipman and e-Academy. USNA does not endorse any commercial software products and is not responsible for technical support for products purchased from e-Academy.  In order to qualify for purchases, YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER with your USNA email address( to confirm eligibility.

Purchasers are responsible for reading and abiding by the End User License Agreement that accompanies each software purchase.  A valid Visa or MasterCard is required for payment (at this time, no other credit cards are accepted).

If interested, browse the Microsoft e-Academy Adobe and Microsoft products available for personal purchase.

What is the difference between “Student Select” and “Work at Home”?

  • With the Work at Home Software you will acknowledge that you are using this software to perform your work duties. This is not available to students. Only you can use it and when you leave employment with the Academy you are required to take the software off your system. All of this is on the honor system.
  • The Student Select Software, which costs more, is yours to keep and do with as you please (within the agreement).

Is this temporary?

  • No, most other Institutions already have agreements for the faculty and staff.
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How to remove outdated contacts from Gmail

From within your USNA Gmail account:

  • In the upper left corner, click on ‘Mail’ with a drop down menu
  • Select Contact from drop down
  • This shows the contacts that are stored in your email
  • In the search bar at the top – type in the incorrect address and see if it shows up
  • If so – delete it
  • Repeat for other contacts you would like to remove
  • To return, click ‘Contacts’ at the top left with the drop down and select Mail
  • Test to see if the incorrect address is gone by composing a new message
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