Access Forms for the USNA


Welcome to the Access page for Naval Academy Business Services Division (NABSD).  You have been directed to this page to obtain the forms and instructions required for approval to enter the United States Naval Academy (USNA) as a business partner (vendor or contractor) or visitor affiliated with NABSD.  Please select the form(s) that you have been directed to complete:

  • 5512 FORM: this form must be completed if you, or your company, provides/sells services or products to NABSD.  These include, but are not limited to, merchandise for our retail stores, food for our restaurants and catering services, services such as transportation (e.g. delivery or bus driver), event staffing (e.g. wait staff), music (e.g bands or DJs for weddings).
  • NAVAL ACADEMY CLUB MEMBER FORM: this form is only for members of the Naval Academy Club (NAC).  It is used for requesting drive aboard access as part of your membership package.
  • GATE GUEST ACCESS LIST: This list facilitates drive aboard access for drivers in personally owned vehicles that are not credentialed individuals.
  • GROUP TRANSPORTATION ACCESS FORM: this form is for Military Groups that are requesting Group Transportation (bus, limo, trolley, etc…) access to the USNA complex (e.g. Honor Flights, Reunion Tours, Weddings).  Group Transportation access also requires a C-FORM (above) for each vehicle driver and any other contracted employee(s) on a vehicle.providing assistance.