Midshipmen Store

Mission Statement

The Midshipmen Store is a non-appropriated fund retail activity to service the needs of the Brigade of Midshipmen. This retail activity carries a wide range of items required by the Midshipmen in the performance of their duties, and also a complete line of U.S. Naval Academy and Navy emblematic clothing items and gifts at unbeatable prices.

Authorized patrons of the Midshipmen Store include the Brigade of Midshipmen and their parents, alumni and their dependents, as well as U.S. Naval Academy faculty and staff, Blue and Gold Officers, and other groups as authorized by the U.S. Naval Academy.

The Store is set up to service and benefit the midshipmen. Profits are used by the Superintendent to support activities of the Brigade of Midshipmen, including over 100 Brigade Extracurricular Activities and Club Sports. These activities are important in the complete development of the Brigade of Midshipmen.

Online Shopping

Visit NavyOnLine, the online Midshipmen Store.

The following categories are authorized patrons of the Midshipmen Store at the U.S. Naval Academy.  All authorized patrons will be issued shopping cards which must be presented at the Midshipmen Store at time of checkout.

•    Midshipmen:  Midshipmen and members of their immediate family.  Parents/guardians of current classes of midshipmen will be issued shopping cards.  Shopping cards will be issued during Fourth Class Parents’ Weekend to expire upon graduation of their midshipman.

•    Active duty and retired uniformed personnel (Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard, and Air Force) and their dependents.

•    Civilian faculty and staff of USNA and NSA Annapolis and their dependents: Spouses of civilian faculty and staff will be eligible after the sponsor has applied for a Midshipmen Store shopping card.  Dependent children must be escorted by a parent.  Contract employees working onboard USNA and NSA Annapolis are not eligible for a Midshipmen Store shopping card.

•    U.S. Naval Academy Alumni and their dependents:  Lifetime Alumni Association members must present their gold Alumni Card at the Point of Sales terminal.  Alumni without lifetime cards must register in the Midshipmen Store office and receive a temporary shopping card.  All reunion groups presenting USNA Alumni Association reunion name tags (issued by the Alumni Association will be eligible for patronage).

•    Employees of the Naval Academy Foundation, Alumni Association, and the Naval Academy Athletic Association and their dependents. Dependent children must be escorted by a parent.

•    Spouses of deceased Alumni.

•    Naval Academy Club Members:  Patrons who are active members of the Naval Academy Club are authorized to shop at the Midshipmen Store with a current Naval Academy Club membership card. Patrons will be issued a Midshipmen Store shopping card to expire with their Club membership.

•    Blue and Gold Officers are eligible for shopping privileges.

•    Personnel approved as sponsors of midshipmen under the Naval Academy Sponsor Program during scheduled Sponsor Appreciation shopping periods.

•    Retired USNA Professor Emeritus.

•    DoD civilians on a limited basis (M-F when visiting USNA staff and faculty during the academic year and when the store is open during weekends and summer break).

•    Honorably discharged veterans with 100% service connected disability and Medal of Honor recipients.

•    Special Groups:  Other special groups or individuals as determined by the Superintendent.


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