Cobbler Shop

The Naval Academy Business Services Division Cobbler Shop provides professional Cobbler services to the Brigade of Midshipmen and the Faculty and Staff of the Naval Academy.  One of the Academy’s hidden jewels with decades of service fixing and repairing boots, shoes, purses, and other leather items.  Customer Quote “I brought a pair of shoes into the Cobbler Shop that I was ready to throw away and they made the shoes look brand new.”

Profits from this organization are used by the Superintendent to support activities of the Brigade of Midshipman, including over 100 Brigade Extra Curricular Activities and Club Sports.



  • The Cobbler Shop provides services for all Midshipmen, Faculty, Military, Civilian, Faculty/Staff.
  • Your Cobbler Shop ticket is required to pick up your shoes

Cobbler Shop Services


  • Replace heels
  • Replace soles
  • Replace heel lining
  • Repair rips
  • Replace heel plates if needed
  • Replace shoe welts if needed


  • Replace heels
  • Repair rips


  • Repair backpacks

Athletic Shoes

  • Repair rips
  • Cement soles if needed

All of the above services are covered by midshipmen fees.