Welcome to the Drydock Restaurant

Drydock Restaurant

The legendary Drydock Restaurant, located in Dahlgren Hall, offers a menu of  delicious ‘made to order’ deli-style sandwiches, and grilled items. The Drydock Pizza is the best in town. Drydock Restaurant is open to the public and offers a special menu for group events.

  • Drydock Group Menu Pre-Order option for groups larger than 15 or groups on a tight schedule: If you are planning your day around a tour, or you have limited time to visit the USNA Yard, you may want to consider Pre-Ordering your meal from our Group Menu. Many tour groups and schools use this option because we offer reserved seating and your pre-ordered meals are made fresh and timed to be ready when you arrive.
  • Group reservations can be handled via FAX (410-293-2226), email (moyer@usna.edu or drydock@usna.edu) or via regular mail. We do not accept reservations by phone.  Please see the Groups tab below for additional information.
  • Groups larger than 30: Reservations at Drydock Restaurant require proof of tour reservation from the Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center.  Please fax your tour confirmation to Drydock at 410-293-2226 when making your reservation.
Dahlgren Hall

Dahlgren Hall

Drydock Restaurant’s dining room has a seating capacity of 150, with additional seating for 32 in the indoor Deck (café) area adjacent to the dining room. At times, Drydock hosts large groups of between 50-400 people which either dine at tables or picnic on the Assembly Hall floor. Before reservation confirmation, you will be informed as to what seating accommodations are available to your group. The seating accommodations are largely dependent on the size of the group. Chairs and tables may require an additional charge for large groups. When groups are scheduled to picnic, the ‘picnic cloths’ used are made of kraft-paper with custom printed ‘cartoon ants’ to keep alive the ‘picnic spirit!’

Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall (formerly the Brigade Ice Rink) is large room with a 195 foot-high arched ceiling adjacent to Drydock Restaurant and is may be used for overflow seating, schedule permitting. Originally the USNA Armory, the room was used to store cannons, but is now used for various USNA formal events and reunions, Midshipmen tumbling practice, fencing practice, marching during inclement weather, Navy Camps, Midshipman Testing, and hosting large group meals.

Wright B-1 Flyer

A model of the historic battleship USS Antietam and a replica of one of the Wright Brother’s planes, the B-1 Flyer, are suspended from the ceiling at either end of the massive Beaux-Arts style building. The second floor balcony is accessible to the public via the original marble stairway, and lined with poster sized photographs of activities throughout the history of Dahlgren Hall. The first floor (Assembly) room is open to the ceiling, giving the room a spacious feeling of grandeur and history.


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