Group Guided Walking Tours

Adult Group Tours

Must Have 16 or More People to Book

Historical Tour (One hour and 15 minutes)

Highlights life at the U.S. Naval Academy past and present. Tour includes Lejeune Hall, Bancroft Hall, Tecumseh Court, Herndon Monument, Main Chapel (when open) and Crypt of John Paul Jones, Revolutionary War hero.


Bancroft Rotunda

8th Armored Division, US Army

8th Armored Division, US Army

Private School from in state

Private School from in state


USNA Tour & Tea (Two hours and 30 minutes)

Specialized tour of the Academy and USNA Museum with tea at the Naval Academy Club. Tour available Monday through Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. with tea served at 3:00 p.m. 

Military Reunion Tour (Two hours and 30 minutes)

Designed for participants in U.S. military operations. Focuses on Naval Academy’s role in supplying officers and midshipmen in various conflicts.  Features include Main Chapel (when open) and Crypt of John Paul Jones.  Tour includes power point presentation and guided walking tour. 

Jewish Chapel & Levy Center Tour (One hour)

Center named for Jewish naval officer, Commodore Uriah P. Levy, who held command positions for Presidents Monroe, Jackson, Tyler and Lincoln. Levy restored Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

Jewish Chapel

Jewish Chapel

Leadership Training Tour (Two hours)

Program introduces corporate team building groups to the education and leadership training received at the Naval Academy to become Navy and Marine Corps officers. 

Student Group Tours

Must Have 16 or More People to Book

Navy Way Boot Camp – 1st – 5TH grades (One hour)

Recruits learn Navy terms and traditions…they march, chant and follow orders.

Field Trips – 4th – 12th grades (One hour)

Based on elementary, middle or high school curriculum. Tour provides students an opportunity to use visual skills and to utilize information as part of their learning experience.

Special Arrangements for Bus Entry into the Yard

Only the Naval Academy Visitor Center has permission from U.S. Naval Academy security to bring bus groups into the yard. Names of bus companies and escorts must be received AT LEAST TWO WEEK IN ADVANCE of tour.