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Brigade Sports Complex

Don’t miss any of the action at the Brigade Sports Complex Fitness Center, John McMullen Hockey Arena and Tose Family Tennis Center.


There’s always something happening at Drydock.  Take a look at our Menu.

Gift Shop

Receive special offers from the USNA Gift Shop.  Don’t forget, you can also shop online at

Midshipmen Store

Find out about Sales at the Midshipmen Store.  It’s a great place for USNA clothing and gifts, but shopping is restricted, so get your Midshipman to buy for you.  

Museum Store

Your best source for naval history books, prints, models, gifts and educational toys.  The Museum is located in Prebble Hall, is free and open to the public.

Naval Academy Club

A Military Tradition for 100 Years.  Stop in for Buffet Lunch on weekdays.  Check the calendar on this website for today’s menu.

NABSD General Interest

Keep up with everthing NABSD is doing.


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