How To Apply for Employment with Naval Academy Business Services

You may apply for one or more of the advertised Naval Academy Business Services Division positions. To do so, please Fully Complete a hand written or typed employment Application form (OF 612) and Supplement to form OF 612 for each position to which you apply.

All Questions must be answered on the OF 612. If a particular question does not pertain to you, please indicate that this question is not applicable, by writing “ NA” in response. You may attach or include your resume as an addendum to the OF 612 and Supplement to OF 612. If additional space is needed to fully answer a question,  indicate “See Attached,” or  “See Attached Resume” for that specific question response. All KSAs (Knowledge, Skill, and Ability) must be answered with related or prior employment or volunteer experiences. All applications and supplements must be signed and dated. Completed applications, supplements, and addendum must be forwarded to NABSD HRM via mail, fax, email, or hand delivered as one packet for each applied position. Applications and resumes will not be returned. If any section of the OF 612 is left blank, the application will be considered incomplete, hindering your chances of moving forward in the hiring process.

Due to the volume of applications received, applicants may not be notified of non-selection.  The division hiring managers will contact you directly if they are interested in scheduling an interview.

Naval Academy Business Services Division is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We encourage you to apply for any position you qualify for.

Our Naval Academy Business Services Division Employment page will be updated weekly. Check frequently for updates to become part of our team!


Opening Date

Closing Date

Announcement Number

FABRIC WORKER ** 13 Nov, 2014 25 Jan, 2015 14-099
POLICY ANALYST 12 Jan, 2015 4 Feb, 2015 15-002
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT  22 Jan, 2015 29 Jan, 2015 15-006
COOK (CHEF’S ASSISTANT) 22 Jan, 2015 28 Jan, 2015 15-008
BARTENDER SUPERVISOR 22 Jan, 2015 28 Jan, 2015 15-009
CATERING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE 22 Jan, 2015 28 Jan, 2015 15-010

** Closing Date extended.  Prior Applicants must reapply.

A certificate of Medical Examination (OF 178)  is Required to Work Some NABSD Positions.

Naval Academy Moral, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) also has non-appropriated fund positions. Review available employment openings and learn how to apply.