Employee of the Quarter

Each quarter the Business Services Division, Office of Human Resource Management, recognizes one of its employees for their superior service and contributions to the organization.

2014 Winners

Q4 Jeff Brown JeffBrown_EOQ_Q4_2014
Q2 Tammy Arellano
Q1 Kristina Carbone


2013 Winners


Darnell Solomon

EOQ 2nd Qtr, 2013

Mary Paige

Mary Paige, EOQ 3rd Quarter

Milford Gross

 Milford Gross

Pamela Dodd

Pamela Dodd


2012 Winners

Q4 Cheryl Brady (Drydock) Cheryl Brady (Drydock)
Q3 Tammy Arellano (Midstore) Tammy Arellano - 4th Qtr Employee of the Quarter
Q2 Clara Johnson (Drydock) Clara Johnson, Q3 Employee of the Quarter
Q1 Chad Chowanetz (Accounting)  

2011 Winners

Q4 Artabius Johnson (Drydock)
Q3 Justin Weston (Laundry)
Q2 Lorri Marks (Drydock)
Q1 Dave Remmert (Barber Shop)

2010 Winners

Q4 Cynthia Mathieu (Accounting)